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I always forget my Keyboard Shortcuts

Vim, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Windows Powertools – I’m daily using a bunch of feature rich software. And everyone who once used Vim (or Emacs) knows there sometimes is no way around keyboard shortcuts! Or is there? In this post I like to show off a personal project, my very own macropad. In the projects section you’ll find an in depth look at the macro pad as well as all designs and source code.

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Step up your game – Upgrade from C to C++

When writing complex programs in C, one will be confronted with the topic of code redundancy and accessibility control issues. C++ was first introduced in 1983, called “C with classes”, and solves a bunch of hurdles stumpling upon programming in C.

The advantages of object-oriented programming languages

Defining complex data structures in C remembers of defining records in a functional programming language. When defining methods over several similar structures, the code redundancy gets clear – every struct needs its own implementation. For all functions or calls.

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