What the heck is Codevember? Why are their games for free? Let’s explain our concept to you:

We’re a bunch of boys and girls who enjoy creating games and other stuff. We do this – for real – in our free time. Since we’re not a big fan of advertising and cringy monetization concepts, we decided to provide our games for free. If you’re interested in our story, check out our blog post “How it all began”.

Featured Projects

Since we’re doing stuff for years now, we created quite a bunch of smaller and bigger projects. A few entries worth featuring are listed here:

Underwatch (iOS/Android/Web)
…more to come

Check out our sub pages if you are interested in more of our projects on the projects page and essays on our blog page.

Our Vision

We started with a few people, constellation changed year by year but we always had one thing in mind: Take a few days to meetup with nice and inspiring people and fool around with the possibilities we have. We don’t have a fixed philosophy, nor do we have a “vision” – however, the idea of Codevember is to bring people with the same open and playful mindset together and support each other with projects, the each is passionate about. What we want to contribute:

  1. In general: Spread our idea, pick up more people as well as inspiring ideas and motivate people to use their hard earned skill-set for things they love. Provide help so everyone can work free without being restricted to the surroundings – by e.g. support thoughts or even materials.
  2. This collective blog: Since (personal) blogs are often shifting to black hole-like spaces, this collective blog should provide a platform people with a diverse interest, sharing their knowledge and projects among others. Our goal is to create qualitative and interesting blog entries as well as provide a space for playful ideas that are too sweet to get dusty on the neglected parts of our hard-drives.

How can I support?

We invest a lot of time and effort in these games and projects without expecting any compensation. However, even running and distributing the projects like games or hosting this site to you costs us a few hundred bugs a year. If you want to support us (and new projects), you can…