We are organizing a yearly hackathon called Codevember and have also founded the Codevember e.V. club in Tübingen. We like to do some creative things like games, art or fun (software) projects and provide them to the people for free without any advertisement.

The Codevember event (and the core team) exists since 2014, while the club was founded in summer 2021. In the future we plan to provide access to workshops and talks.

We published three Android and one iOS game as well as a telegram bot up to now. Currently we’re working on a bunch of side projects with no specific schedule: Ember and God Hands. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us and email.

Some of our team members

Since the team is always changing from year to year, this is a short overview of our team members registered on this site:

Benedikt Beuttler
Interested in coding, ui/ux, audio production and game development. Besides working on my PhD and Codevember e.V., I am part of TIL GmbH. We developed and released "Prosodiya" ( - an educational game for children!
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Daniel Titz
Hi you, I am Daniel and based in Berlin. Besides working as a software engineer I currently love tinkering and building stuff with microcontrollers around IoT. New technologies and innovations like blockchain or machine learning fascinate me and I am always looking for new small side projects to learn, learn and learn.
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Christoph Kreisl
Hi! I'm better known as c0opa. I'm deeply interested in the automation of processes and the implementation of CI/CD methodologies, with a focus on utilizing Jenkins, Java, Groovy, and Python as my go-to scripting language. Additionally, I possess a keen interest in data engineering and visualization. Moreover, I have a particular fascination with 3D rendering using C++.
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Benjamin Coban
Hi there, Benjamin here! Interested in theoretical computer science, DevOps and being a tiny gem of musical expression with caffine addiction, I try to reach the public with posts about theory, applications and their interaction. Feel free to stop by and start a discussion! :)
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Tobias Rittig
Enthusiastic about Photography, Videography, 3D Printing, Music // - Computer Graphics Ph.D. in Photorealistic Rendering // FPS Gamer // Easily fascinated about new technologies
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Johannes Michael

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Rohana Boehnke

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Mat Schlenker
Hi, I'm mat! A passionate software developer that loves the tiny details and a perfect working flow (or flowing work). My main topics are app development, web development and games. I have a passion for creating games in Unity, the outdoors, taking photos as well as playing around with some creative stuff.
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Patrick Schulz
Hey! I'm a coder, hobby designer and passionate musician. I love C++ and the Unreal Engine, which I'm utilizing almost daily while working on my PhD.
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Mitja Öhm
Game Designer | 3D Artist | Unity Generalist - interested in creating challenging game dynamics and rapid prototyping. Currently working as a professional level designer in Frankfurt at Main.
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Jens W. Schindel
VJ, Computer Scientist, Music Enthusiast
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