Finish **it! Jam // January 2021

Everybody knows it: You’re starting a game or project in your spare time or in a game jam and then the time runs out or the jam finishes, but the project doesn’t. Nevertheless, the project keeps popping up in your head every now and then… Now is the time to grab out one of your old projects and push it at least to an alpha or beta prototype!

Entirely in the sense of “Lange Nacht der Hausarbeiten” where you try to proceed a lot with projects in which you are procrastinating, this jam is here to help you find some motivation – you’re not alone out there.

Jam Rules

There are no rules: You can use any prior project. If it’s unfinished: Finish it and if it’s released already, but you have ideas in your head for months, finish them! Everybody can participate, anybody can contribute and anybody can vote!

Jam Voting for submissions via

Submissions open from this Thursday at 12:00 AM to this Sunday at 11:59 PM. The voting for the submissions are open until Wednesday evening 8pm.

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  • Mat Schlenker

    Hi, I'm mat! A passionate software developer that loves the tiny details and a perfect working flow (or flowing work). My main topics are app development, web development and games. I have a passion for creating games in Unity, the outdoors, taking photos as well as playing around with some creative stuff.