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Hi, I'm mat! A passionate software developer that loves the tiny details and a perfect working flow (or flowing work). My main topics are app development, web development. I have a passion for creating games in Unity, the outdoors, taking photos as well as playing around with some creative stuff.

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Finish **it! Jam // January 2021

Everybody knows it: You’re starting a game or project in your spare time or in a game jam and then the time runs out or the jam finishes, but the project doesn’t. Nevertheless, the project keeps popping up in your head every now and then… Now is the time to grab out one of your old projects and push it at least to an alpha or beta prototype!

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The Codevember 2020

This year was quite a mess with a lot of stuff that happened which led to a felt state of complete chaos. But as in every case: from chaos arises new order. While we had some trouble with the economy and the health systems and a lot of challenges to handle, the COVID-19 pandemic also triggered a lot of changes in social and political aspects: A lot of conservative pattern and habits were questioned and partly dissolved. We had the chance to experience change in places where we didn’t expect it and (sadly) also to wait for the change which never happened.

Nevertheless, one of the biggest changes in the everyday life was the more and more growing remote and digital part in our lives. While programming jobs often offered the remote option in the past, it became the new standard. Also a lot of “office work” jobs were switched to remote jobs when possible. Besides work, also the personal parts and lives were influenced deeply: Social and cultural events are done hybridlike or completely over the internet connection, workshops and events are also often placed digitally.

To get back to the topic: we’ve all been overwhelmed by this years events. May it be by the dramatic health situations, the big and intense changes for the everyday life and the social and political outcomes. We are all looking forward to a more everyday life where we can meetup in person, spend some quality time together and just enjoy life instead of thinking if we should hug or rather just stay with the fist bump. This was also the plan for the annual Codevember: We wanted to rent a small cabin, enjoy the time and create some awesome projects for you. However, we had to cancel everything in person and create a hybrid event for the Codevember itself.

The Remote Codevember 2020

The event will be completely remote, so you can also join for only a part of the schedule if you like. We’ll organize ourselves through our Discord channel. Our temporary time schedule for the Codevember event 2020 from 05.11.2020 until the 08.11.2020:

10:00Short get together &
GameJam Start
11:00Intermediate Presentation (5min each)Final presentation
19:00Onboarding & Idea PitchIntermediate Presentation (5min each)Intermediate Presentation (5min each)

For further questions you can get in touch with us via

How it all began

This is what this idea was all about: In Tübingen, a small university town in the south of Germany, a few people and friends were blocking one weekend for a project which was beyond the everyday coding and studying routine and activities.

Our Story

We all have been passionate programmers or, if not, have been passionate about something else. Sadly, often in life the daily routine and the things you like don’t allow the freedom to free your mind and play around with them – or they don’t go hand and hand at all. With this in mind, we tried to start the Codevember project. In the beginning in 2014 it was only one day – blocked for a project we would love to do and we’ve been passionate about. We soon realized that one day wasn’t enough at all to find a idea, choose a coding environment and frameworks, set them up and finish the project. However, we’ve learned a lot and decided to catch up every year in November from then. The Codevember rose and quickly became a mixture between an annual reunion and a playground for ideas and coding skills. 

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Codevember VI: Underwatch

As every November we meet up for our annual Codevember and try to create a game, application or art project on a single weekend. This year the team was quite small and it took us more time than usual. However, we’re quite proud of the outcome. We proudly present this year’s project: Underwatch

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