How it all began

This is what this idea was all about: In Tübingen, a small university town in the south of Germany, a few people and friends were blocking one weekend for a project which was beyond the everyday coding and studying routine and activities.

Our Story

We all have been passionate programmers or, if not, have been passionate about something else. Sadly, often in life the daily routine and the things you like don’t allow the freedom to free your mind and play around with them – or they don’t go hand in hand at all. With this in mind, we tried to start the Codevember project. In the beginning of 2014 it was only one day – blocked for a project we would love to do and we’ve been passionate about. We soon realized that one day wasn’t enough at all to find a idea, choose a coding environment and frameworks, set them up and finish the project. However, we’ve learned a lot and decided to catch up every year in November from then. The Codevember rose and quickly became a mixture between an annual reunion and a playground for ideas and coding skills. 

Our Vision

It’s quite funny on the one hand to look back at our story, how it all began and on the other hand  to write about our vision and to notice how things developed over the last years. We started with a few people, changed the constellation year by year but always got one thing in mind: Set up a few days to meetup with nice and inspiring people and fool around with the possibilities we have. We don’t have a fixed philosophy, nor we have “a vision” – however, we the Codevember idea attracts people with the same open and playful mindset. There are two major points regarding our vision:

  1. The idea of the Codevember: In my personal opinion, the idea could spread, pick up even more people as well as inspiring ideas and motivate people to use their hard earned skill-set for things they love and they’re not restricted to the surroundings.
  2. This collective blog: Since (personal) blogs are often shifting to black hole like spaces, this collective blog should provide a base for diverse interested people, sharing their knowledge and projects among others. Our goal is to create qualitative and interesting blog entries as well as provide a space for playful ideas that are too sweet to get dusty on the neglected parts of our hard-drives.

Where will it lead us?

I’m not sure where this project is heading, but as far as the idea worked for years now and we’ve learned more and more each project, year and day, I hope that it will grow even more.

At this point I just can say that I’m really glad to have people around me that love what they do, inspire themselves and others and find a way to play with their possibilities. Thank you for that!

Let’s keep our fire and playfulness for years and decades and spread the word (and the love) even more.

Yours truly,


  • Mat Schlenker

    Hi, I'm mat! A passionate software developer that loves the tiny details and a perfect working flow (or flowing work). My main topics are app development, web development and games. I have a passion for creating games in Unity, the outdoors, taking photos as well as playing around with some creative stuff.