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Hackathon turns Eduthon | CV-supported Event 2024

Codevember e.V. is teaming up with the Institute of Computer Science at the Ludwigsburg University of Education for a Eduthon event on June 14th-16th. This collaborative event is all about hacking, gaming, and learning. Whether you’re into coding, game development, or just passionate about education technology, this event has something for everyone.

An Eduthon is a marathon event where educators, developers, and students come together to create innovative educational technologies. It’s a blend of hackathon and educational contents, focusing on developing creative solutions for the future of classrooms.

This year’s Eduthon theme is “Game-Based Learning.” It’s all about exploring how games can revolutionize education by making learning fun and engaging. However, participants can work on any projects they want.

We as Codevember e.V. bring experience in organizing such events and mentoring participants. Our team is ready to support both new and experienced participants with hands-on approach, mentorship sessions, and technical guidance.

For more details and conditions of participation, check out the Eduthon page.