Our Projects

Codevember VI: Underwatch

on April 10, 2020 by Mat Schlenker


As every November we meet up for our annual Codevember and try to create a game, application or art project on a single weekend. This year the team was quite small and it took us more time than usual. However, we’re quite proud of the outcome. We proudly present this year’s project: Underwatch

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Codevember II: FingerFinger Revolution

on by Benedikt Beuttler

The Project Pitch

In “FingerFinger Revolution” you have to be swift and accurate. White circles appear on screen and start to grow in size. If you let them get too big, they explode and the game is over. Your goal is to click the circles and despawn them by doing so. But: the spawn and grow rate constantly increases as the game progresses, so be quick!

“FingerFinger Revolution” is an addictive, 8-bit-style arcade game that focuses on quick and short sessions. Improve your speed and accuracy to get the best highscore. Many achievements are implemented to further improve the fun and replayability of the game.

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