The Codevember

Find more about our story and our vision within our article “How it all began”.

This is our collection of previous and upcoming Codevember projects. Drop us an email if you’re interested in more information or got ideas or plans.

Our Codevembers

2023 – Codevember X: 10 years anniversary (hosted by ?)

2022 – Mixed projects, first non-tech project (hosted by AI Xpress Böblingen)

2021 – Mixed projects: God hands (dungeon game with action cards), Flutter music timing app, Telegram bot (hosted by Schlachthaus Tübingen)

2020 – Ember (online event due to COVID)

2019 – Underwatch, see the project page

2018 – We had some mixed projects in a game jam

2017 – A telegram bot for Tübingen

2016 – Sheep me Home, see the project page

2015 – FingerFinger Revolution, see project page

2014 – Minigame: A rod jumper

Logo development

The Codevember logo

Creation 2016

Creation 2021



  • Mat Schlenker

    Hi, I'm mat! A passionate software developer that loves the tiny details and a perfect working flow (or flowing work). My main topics are app development, web development and games. I have a passion for creating games in Unity, the outdoors, taking photos as well as playing around with some creative stuff.